Sustainable fashion and accessories brands in India


Ethik is a cruelty-free and sustainable fashion that makes footwear and wallets. Its key differentiator is its commitment to animal welfare and not using any animal parts to make its product range.


Vraj:bhoomi is a sustainable fashion brand. It creates a range of clothing items, footwear, bags, textile jewellery, and home decor products.


Neeman's specialises in footwear. Its products use merino wool, natural cotton, sustainably grown trees, recycled tyres, and recycled plastics.

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EcoRight makes lifestyle products like phone cases, tote bags, backpacks, etc. It uses sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, jute, and recycled cotton and recycled plastics.


Paaduks makes cruelty-free, vegan, and handmade footwear. It uses upcycled tyres, rubber mats, conveyor belts, corks, jute, and natural cotton to make them.

Earthy Route

Earthy Route is a sustainable fashion brand. It specialises in creating timeless designs from sustainable fabrics like Lyocell and linen.

House of Anita Dongre

House of Anita Dongre is a leading eco-friendly clothing brand known for its collection of traditional Indian wear. They also offer accessories, including jewellery, handbags, and footwear.

Personal Care Brands in India