Information about the brand Vrajbhoomi

Brand Name

  • Vraj:bhoomi


  • 2013


  • Bhoomi Dani
  • Priyam Shah


  • Ahmedabad, India


Vraj:bhoomi is a sustainable fashion brand. It creates a range of clothing items, footwear, bags, textile jewellery, and home decor products. Its manufacturing is primarily manual, i.e., handmade, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and makes Vraj:bhoomi a better alternative to fast fashion and regular.

Good Initiatives by Vraj:bhoomi

🧵 Fine fabric for a fitter future - It's widely known that fashion industry is amongst the largest polluter. Tonnes of clothes end up in landfills each year and because most of them are made with non-biodegradable fabrics it chokes our planet. Vraj:bhoomi uses natural fabrics that are completely biodegradable. A better initiative for a better tomorrow.

👚 Dyes that delight - They use nature and plant derived materials to dye the fabrics. Also, they are hand dyed which further lowers their carbon footprint.

👨🏻‍🎨 Hand block printing - This art has been on a decline, but off-late sustainable brands like Vraj:bhoomi are reviving it. This good initiative is enabling desert artisans from the Kutch region to practice and preserve their fine art.

Editor's Pick

Vrajbhoomi product 1 - Everyday Tote Bag – 24
Image credits: Vraj:bhoomi

Everyday Tote Bag – 24

Vrajbhoomi product 2 - Classic Kurta – Red Zahra
Image credits: Vraj:bhoomi

Classic Kurta – Red Zahra

Vrajbhoomi product 3 - Classic Kurta – Gulenar 06
Image credits: Vraj:bhoomi

Classic Kurta – Gulenar 06