Information about the brand Neeman's

Brand Name

  • Neeman's


  • 2017


  • Taran Chhabra
  • Amar Preet Singh


  • Hyderabad, India


Neeman's is a sustainable fashion brand specialising in footwear. Its products use merino wool, natural cotton, sustainably grown trees, recycled tyres, and recycled plastics. Using natural fabrics and recycled materials to make footwear is impressive as it has a lower carbon footprint and helps fight climate change.

Neeman's designs are unisex and can be worn across gender. In its journey, it has sold over 12 lakhs (1.2 mn) pairs of footwear, and this number continues to grow.

Good Initiatives by Neeman's

🐃 Every life matters - A PETA article mentions that over 100 crores (1 bn) of animals are killed each year for their skin to make leather. Neeman's, a cruelty-free footwear brand, does not use any leather in its products and is doing its bit to improve the world for animals.

📦 One more step towards sustainability - The brand makes its footwear boxes from 85% recycled paper!

🌱 Oil is well - The shoes contain insoles that provide cushioning and support your feet. Typically these insoles are made with petroleum-based oil, which is harmful and emits large amounts of greenhouse gases. This brand replaced petroleum-based oil with plant-based oil, which is a more sustainable approach.

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