Information about the brand Ethik

Brand Name

  • Ethik


  • 2013


  • Pankaj Khabiya
  • Bharat Ranka


  • Bengaluru, India


Ethik is a cruelty-free and sustainable fashion brand that makes footwear and wallets. Its key differentiator is its commitment to animal welfare and not using any animal parts to make its product range. Ethik uses high-quality lab-made materials as an alternative to animal leather. The brand was also featured on Shark Tank India in Season 1.

Good Initiatives by Ethik

🐰 Love them, not wear them - Killing an animal for its skin is not okay. We humans have landed on the moon and will probably reach Mars too. So with so much advancement, there must be a way to create meaningful and elegant fashion without killing an animal.

Thankfully, there is, and brands like Ethik are spearheading the movement to make fashion cruelty-free, both for our furry friends and the planet.

🌍 Making the planet better, one pair at a time - Ethik's materials use less water and have a lower carbon footprint when compared to traditional leather, thus making them better for our planet too.

Editor’s Pick

Ethik product 1 - The Duke vegan and cruelty-free shoes
Image credits: Ethik

The Duke

Ethik product 2 - Klassic - Black vegan and cruelty-free wallet
Image credits: Ethik

Klassic - Black

Ethik product 3 - Drumroll - Black vegan and cruelty-free shoes
Image credits: Ethik

Drumroll - Black