List a brand on Green/Clean Directory by Matter5

What is Matter5?

Matter5 is a content-focused platform where conscious consumers discover eco-friendly and clean-label products, brands, and, yes, tons of credible information that helps them make informed choices.

Which types of brands can list on Matter5?

To be eligible to list on Matter5, your brand must tick one or more of the following parameters:

1. Do good for Earth

  • Plant trees
  • Be plastic-neutral or plastic positive
  • Clean up our waterbodies
  • Be carbon neutral or carbon positive
  • Use recycled materials

2. Clean label practices

  • List all ingredients clearly, and not hide anything under scientific names
  • Use and promote the usage of natural ingredients that are good for the buyers and our Earth

3. Social impact

  • Children’s education and nutrition
  • Women empowerment
  • Rural area development and employment creation
  • Fair business practices

If you believe your brand’s initiatives are making our planet and people’s lives better but do not fit under the parameters mentioned above; please don’t hesitate to contact us.

After evaluating your initiatives, we may consider listing your brand on Matter5.

Is listing on Matter5 free or chargeable?

Listing a brand on Matter5 is free.

However, we reserve the right to accept or decline listing requests. You can read above the kind of brand that can be listed on Matter5.

How long does it take to go live on Matter5's 'Green/Clean Directory'?

All listings along with content creation are free.

However, we have 2 go-live timelines you can choose from.

Here are the details of each:

How to contact Matter5?

You can connect with us via the Contact Us page.

Or email us at