Clean label food and beverage brands in India


Namhya is a food company that blends the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with modern-day living. Namhya is redefining the way we think about food. No wonder they've caught the attention of Shark Tank India in Season 1!

JhaJi Store

JhaJi is a food brand specialising in pickles and chutneys made in the traditional way. It does not add any preservatives, artificial additives, or colours to its food product.

Pure & Sure

Pure & Sure is an organic food company whose products are certified organic as per national and international standards. Its product range includes grocery items, ready-to-eat snacks, cold-pressed oil, ghee, organic sweeteners, and instant mixes.

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Gramiyaa is a new-age food brand specialising in cold-pressed edible oil and ghee. It makes cooking oil widely used in Indian cuisines, like groundnut, coconut, and sesame.


GO DESi is a food brand that manufactures and sells lollipops, sweets, snacks and other food products. Its product range celebrates India's rich and diverse culinary heritage.

Nutty Gritties

Nutty Gritties is a food brand specialising in dry fruits. They are known for their wide range of products made using high-quality ingredients. 

The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth is a brand that provides food products free from artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours. Its product range includes items such as cereals, snacks, and bars.

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