Information about the brand Gramiyaa

Brand Name

  • Gramiyaa


  • 2017


  • Sibi Manivannan
  • Mohamed Yaseen
  • Naveen Rajamaran


  • Bengaluru, India


Gramiyaa is a new-age food brand specialising in cold-pressed edible oil and ghee. Adulteration is rampant in the edible oil industry, and to give consumers a healthier alternative, Gramiyaa started its journey.

What sets its edible oil apart is that it is made in traditional stone mill-like structures with minimal processing. Also, no chemical is used to extract the oil.

It makes cooking oil widely used in Indian cuisines, like groundnut, coconut, and sesame.

Good Initiatives by Gramiyaa

⚡ Energy efficient edible oil - Gramiyaa's cold-pressing technique is energy efficient. It consumes almost 90% less energy when compared to industrial processes adopted by several other refined oil companies.

📦 Cartons that care - Edible oil usually comes in round PET bottles made of plastic. Gramiyaa uses rectangular-type cartons that provide multiple benefits:

  • These cartons use 80% less plastic when compared to PET bottles
  • In manufacturing these cartons, 67% less CO2 is emitted as compared to making PET bottles
  • Being almost rectangular in shape, more of these can be shipped at once, thereby lesser carbon footprint in logistics

👨‍🌾 Back to the roots - Due to the heavy industrialisation of the edible oil industry, several traditional oil makers had to leave their profession. Gramiyaa is giving them a fresh start. Its manufacturing facility now employs several local traditional oil makers, enabling them to practice their skills and earn a dignified livelihood.

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Wood Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil
Image credits: Gramiyaa

Wood Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Wood Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
Image credits: Gramiyaa

Wood Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Wood Cold Pressed Sesame Oil
Image credits: Gramiyaa

Wood Cold Pressed Sesame Oil