Information about the brand JhaJi Store

Brand Name

  • JhaJi Store


  • 2020


  • Uma Jha
  • Kalpana Jha


  • Darbhanga, India

Publicly Listed Company

  • No


JhaJi is a food brand specialising in pickles and chutneys made in the traditional way. It does not add any preservatives, artificial additives, or colours to its food product. It dries its pickles in the sun for maximum absorption of ingredients and to enhance their flavour.

Notable Initiatives

👧 A Better Future for Her - It spends 2% of its revenue towards girl child education. This is a noble initiative to increase literacy and enable numerous children to have a better future.

👨‍🌾 Empowering Local Farmers and Traders - JhaJi Stores sources its ingredients locally. A rather good initiative, both socially and environmentally. Socially as farmers need not travel long to sell their produce, and environmentally because of lesser transportation, it has a much lower carbon footprint.

👩‍🍳 Empowering Locals through Employment - It employs women and men from villages nearby. Most of them got a chance to participate in formal employment for the first time. This new opportunity by JhaJi Store has enabled them to increase their income and provide their children and family with a better life.

What's fascinating is JhaJi Store's manufacturing facility is located in Darbhanga, a small city in Bihar. From this region, people usually migrated to other parts of the country for employment. Brands starting from regions like these are a boon to the local population who can work closer to their home and live with their family.

Editor's Pick

JhaJi Store product 1 - Sample Pack of 8 Pickles & Chutneys | Tangy, Spicy & Chatpata Flavors
Image credits: JhaJi Store

Sample Pack of 8 Pickles & Chutneys | Tangy, Spicy & Chatpata Flavors

JhaJi Store product 2 - Mithila Special Mango Pickle | Bihari Aam ka Aachar
Image credits: JhaJi Store

Mithila Special Mango Pickle | Bihari Aam ka Aachar

JhaJi Store product 3 - Oal Ginger Green Chili Mix Pickle | ओल बरोबरा | Grated (कद्दूकश) Oal (Suran/Jimikand) Pickle
Image credits: JhaJi Store

Oal Ginger Green Chili Mix Pickle | ओल बरोबरा | Grated (कद्दूकश) Oal (Suran/Jimikand) Pickle



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