Information about the brand The Whole Truth

Brand Name

  • The Whole Truth


  • 2019


  • Shashank Mehta


  • Mumbai, India


The Whole Truth is a brand that provides food products free from artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours. The brand was founded with the aim of providing consumers with clean, wholesome, and nutritious food options.

The Whole Truth's products are designed to support a healthy lifestyle, and its product range includes items such as cereals, snacks, and bars.

In addition to offering high-quality food products, they also provide resources to help consumers make informed decisions about their food choices. The brand's commitment to using high-quality ingredients and educating consumers about healthy eating sets it apart.

Good Initiatives by The Whole Truth

🤔 Sharing The Whole Truth with users - Many brands often hide harmful ingredients in the fine print and highlight only a few healthy ingredients. The Whole Truth educates users on these practices and encourages them to be more aware and make informed choices.

💡 It highlights all ingredients used in their product prominently on the packaging and doesn't hide anything in the fine print. Below is one of their products with a list of all ingredients used.

The Whole Truth product 1 - Dark chocolate
Image credits: The Whole Truth

Editor's Pick

The Whole Truth product 2 - Double cocoa protein bar​
Image credits: The Whole Truth

Double cocoa protein bar

The Whole Truth product 3 - Crunchy - Unsweetened Protein Peanut Butter​
Image credits: The Whole Truth

Crunchy - Unsweetened Protein Peanut Butter

The Whole Truth product 4 - Nuts, Fruits & Seeds Muesli
Image credits: The Whole Truth

Nuts, Fruits & Seeds Muesli