Sustainable Gifting Ideas for Mother's Day

Her love is pure and unconditional.

From bringing you into this world to nurturing and protecting you against all adversities, a mother is always with you.

It's the time of the year to express a little gratitude and show her she means the world to you. Celebrate this Mother's Day a bit differently. Instead of regular gifting, go green, choose from a range of sustainable products, and delight your mom!

Read on till the end and explore all 5 mothers day gifting ideas. Remember to share this with your friends who are looking for unique mother's day gift ideas just like yourself.

5. Everyday Tote Bag - 21

Brand - Vraj:bhoomi

Sustainable Gifting Ideas 5 for Mother's Day - Everyday Tote Bag - 21 by Vrajbhoomi
Image credits: Vraj:bhoomi

Elegantly designed with beautiful prints, this sustainable bag is hand-block printed. It is made with cotton and naturally dyed. Now, who said sustainable fashion cannot be stylish?

4. Handwoven Organic Cotton Rug Yoga Mat

Brand - Isha Life

Sustainable Gifting Ideas 4 for Mother's Day - Handwoven Organic Cotton Rug Yoga Mat by Isha Life
Image credits: Isha Life

A handwoven masterpiece, this yoga mat is made with organic cotton and is certified in Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). Being undyed makes it a perfect choice for yoga and nature lovers.

3. Golden Handcrafted Brass and Glass Tabletop Photo Frame

Brand - Hollyhock

Sustainable Gifting Ideas 3 for Mother's Day - Golden Handcrafted Brass and Glass Tabletop Photo Frame by Hollyhock
Image credits: Jaypore

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when you can add multiple images in one sleek metal photo frame, your mother's living room will have nothing short of a story to tell.

2. Aztec Copper Jug

Brand - Borosil

Sustainable Gifting Ideas 2 for Mother's Day - Aztec Copper Jug by Borosil

Image credits: Borosil

A water container so beautiful that you'll want to drink from it repeatedly. It's made with copper, making it good for health, and it doubles up as workstation decor.

1. Golden Palms Scarf

Brand - House of Anita Dongre

Sustainable Gifting Ideas 1 for Mother's Day - Golden Palms Scarf by House of Anita Dongre

Image credits: House of Anita Dongre

A scarf that'll be a prized possession in your mother's wardrobe. It's versatile and made with silk, a sustainable fabric that's both natural and biodegradable. Elegant prints further add to its beauty.

Here Are Some More Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas:

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  • Clean Skincare - Gift your mom skin care that's natural and toxins-free. Here are some of the finest personal care companies in India. Don't forget to learn about each brand's good initiatives. Check them out here.