buy healthy snacks online in India

In evening, when the clock strikes 4, tummy shouts give me more, give me more.

And what do many people do?

Feed the tummy with fried snacks that have low to no nutritional value but are very high in carbohydrates, salt, and not to forget oil. God only knows how often that oil was used and will continue to be reused.

Many have faced this problem, and if you are reading this, you are probably concerned about your health and health-conscious people like you want a solution.

So, the big question:

Are there brands in India that sell healthy snacks online?

In short, YES!

With rising awareness and consumer demands, many new-age brands have begun providing consumers with healthy snack options, and we have curated a list of 5 brands across categories.

5 brands for healthy snacking options

5. Wild Date

Clean label brands are on the rise, and brands like Wild Date are giving consumers a choice to switch to natural and nutritious food.

Wild Date lets you choose from a variety of healthy snack options, including snack bars, vegan bars, granolas, etc. They create healthy yet tasty snacks; after all, healthy and tasty don’t have to be separate from each other.

What’s good about Wild Date?

  • No emulsifying agents and no harmful binding agents like guar gum or gelatine
  • They use natural nut butter
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Only natural sweeteners like unprocessed cane sugar and raw bee honey are used

Editor’s pick

Wild Date Cashew Butter Quinoa Snack Bar
Credits: Wild Date

Cashew butter quinoa snack bar

Wild Date Butter Walnut Granola
Credits: Wild Date

Butter walnut granola

4. The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth is a food brand whose products are free from artificial preservatives, colours, and flavours.

Whether you are looking for healthy snacks in evening to boost your energy or if you just feel like having some protein bars with your evening beverage, they have something clean and delicious to offer.

What’s good about The Whole Truth?

  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial flavours, colours, and preservatives
  • No gluten or soy
  • Upfront big and bold - Being a clean label food brand, they mention every ingredient used in big and bold letters. Frankly, most can read those ingredients without a magnifying glass, and we find that truly awesome!

Editor’s pick

Buy cocoa protein bar online in India
Credits: The Whole Truth

Double cocoa protein bar

Buy unsweetened protein peanut butter online in India
Credits: The Whole Truth

CRUNCHY- Unsweetened Protein Peanut Butter

3. Phalada Pure & Sure

They are a prominent certified organic food brand in India. In addition to selling products like cold pressed oil, rice, masalas, jaggery, etc., they also have a wide range of healthy snacks options.

What’s good about Phalada Pure & Sure?

  • Their snacks are preservative free and made with certified organic ingredients
  • No usage of artificial colours or chemicals
  • Usage of cold pressed oil
  • Their snack range is certified by global organic standards (snacks may have one or more certifications from the following):
    • Jaivik Bharat
    • India Organic
    • USDA Organic
    • European Union (EU) Organic
Credits: Phalada Pure & Sure

Organic Chakli

Credits: Phalada Pure & Sure

Organic kodbale

2. Keeros

A healthy snack brand, they use ingredients like millet and quinoa, which are known for their health and nutritional benefits. Keeros range of snacks is minimally processed and is known to be low in calories.

Additionally, they source many of their ingredients from facilities closer to farms. This way, farmers get the best value for their output, and consumers enjoy ingredients that retain maximum freshness and nutritional value.

What’s good about Keeros?

  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
  • Their snacks have a low glycaemic index (GI)
  • Zero trans-fats and zero cholesterol

Editor’s pick

Keeros Lightly Salted Multigrain, Healthy & Diabetic Friendly Roasted Super Snack
Credits: Keeros

Lightly Salted Multigrain, Healthy & Diabetic Friendly Roasted Super Snack

Keeros Lightly Spiced Quinoa Grain Healthy & Diabetic Friendly Roasted SuperSnack
Credits: Keeros

Lightly Spiced Quinoa Grain Healthy & Diabetic Friendly Roasted SuperSnack

1. Ambriona

We haven’t come across anyone who said no to chocolates. Do you know someone who doesn’t crave this delicacy?

Chocolates are one of the best food God has given humankind, and one can’t have enough of it. And when you have a finely crafted chocolate bar by Ambriona, the temptation increases even further.

Ambriona is an eco-conscious and cruelty-free gourmet food brand from India.

What’s good about Ambriona?

  • They use pure cocoa butter, and their products contain no added vegetable fat
  • A wide variety of choices to cater for your dietary preferences:
    • Sugar-free
    • Keto-friendly
    • Vegan
    • Gluten-free
Ambriona Dark Chocolate set of 3 Single Origin 55 - 90% Dark Chocolates
Credits: Ambriona

Ambriona Dark Chocolate set of 3 Single Origin 55 - 90% Dark Chocolates

Daarzel Zero Sugar - Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Almond
Credits: Ambriona

Daarzel Zero Sugar - Sugar Free Dark Chocolate with Almond

Your Choices Matter

Proper Nutrition Is The Difference Between Feeling Exhausted And Getting The Most Out Of A Workout.

Summer Sanders, Sports Commentator And Former Olympic Swimmer

Health and taste don’t have to be exclusive to each other.

In fact, what’s healthy can be tasty too, and the above mentioned snacks brands are a testimony to this.

Go ahead and make the healthy switch because it has been said 1 billion times earlier, and yet we’ll say this again 🙂

Health is Wealth!