Observed globally, the sacred festival of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the beautiful bond of brothers and sisters. For ages, sisters have been tying sacred thread called ‘rakhi’ on the wrist of their brothers. Brothers make a promise to protect her, be with her in times of need, and exchange some gifts.

When the festival of Raksha Bandhan initially began, the rakhis were simple thread or a piece of cloth, but over time rakhis came in various forms. They looked great and served the purpose but were made up of material that would take ages to decompose.

So, now that you are here, even you must be wondering:

Are there eco-friendly rakhi available in the market?

Lucky you, yes, several unique brands make rakhis that are good for nature and also uphold the spirit of Raksha Bandhan.

1. Eco-friendly rakhi by bioQ

Eco-friendly rakhi by bioQ
Image Credits - bioQ

Calling this beautiful rakhi set a complete package would be apt. After all, it contains pretty much everything you need to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

  • A plantable rakhi
  • Roli & chawal
  • A festive greeting card

And it just doesn’t end here. bioQ is making sure that you get everything needed to plant your rakhi. The package also contains:

  • A planter
  • Coco peat
  • And all these in a beautiful and reusable paper container

By far, this is one of the finest eco-friendly rakhis online. It looks excellent, the materials used are biodegradable, and the icing on the cake is its extra affordable pricing.

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2. Eco-friendly rakhi by SeedRakhi

Eco-friendly rakhi by SeedRakhi
Image Credits - SeedRakhi, IndiGifts.in

Winner of prominent design awards, SeedRakhi as a brand is enabling crores of people to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in an eco-friendly manner. Their rakhis are made up of naturally dyed organic cotton, and the best part is they are handmade, thereby allowing local artisans to earn livelihood with dignity.

This rakhi comes in beautiful eco-friendly packaging and contains the following:

  • A seed rakhi
  • Roli
  • A planter
  • And a manual to bring your seed rakhi to life

It’s great to see brands like SeedRakhi that are not just talking of eco-friendliness but also taking proactive steps to create eco-friendly products, thereby leaving a positive impact on our planet.

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3. Eco-friendly rakhi by Phool

Eco-friendly rakhi by Phool
Image Credits - Phool.co

If you haven’t heard about Phool yet, you’d be surprised to know that they have embarked on a mission to clean up our rivers! And they are doing it by preventing flower waste from entering the rivers. Phool makes beautiful and scented products like incense sticks and incense cones with used flowers.

Coming to their eco-friendly rakhi, we were pretty mesmerized by the number of options they have and the elegance with which those rakhis are designed. The one we have featured here is a beautifully woven rakhi in the shape of a flower.

The package comes in a cute box and contains:

  • A plantable rakhi
  • Roli & chawal

Made with locally grown cotton and dyed with 100% natural colours, this rakhi is good for the planet and the wearer too!

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4. Eco-friendly rakhi by Surprise Someone

Eco-friendly rakhi by Surprise Someone
Image Credits - Surprise Someone

Run by a mother-daughter duo, ‘Surprise Someone’, true to its name, adds a smile to recipients' faces. This eco-friendly rakhi is beautifully designed like a flower and comes in creative packaging resembling a moon.

The package contains:

  • A plantable rakhi
  • Roli & chawal
  • And an instruction card to grow the rakhi into a plant

A good thing Surprise Someone does is giving employment to rural women, in the process both empowering them and enabling them to earn an income.

Millions of non-biodegradable rakhis end up in landfills each year. By buying Surprise Someone’s handmade and eco-friendly rakhis, you are doing your bit to reduce this. After all, the sacred festival of Raksha Bandhan is all about tying a sacred thread on your brother’s wrists, so why not tie a rakhi that’s good for nature too!

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5. Eco-friendly rakhi by Fulkerya

Eco-friendly rakhi by Fulkerya
Image Credits - Fulkerya

Cute design and aptly signifying the brother-sister bond, this eco-friendly rakhi is made with wood and skin-friendly threads. Fulkerya as a brand is setting the right example as they empower local artisans, enabling them to practise their skills and earn a dignified livelihood.

This eco-friendly rakhi is one of the most unique designs we have come across, and it is sure to bring a smile to your brother's face. So, why not go ahead and get one to make this Raksha Bandhan a bit different.

It comes in nice sleek packaging and contains:

  • An eco-friendly rakhi
  • Roli & chawal

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Why opt for eco-friendly rakhis?

It’s pretty obvious to wonder this, and why not? After all, one can get rakhis easily at any shop. So, to make your rakhi purchase simpler, we list down 5 reasons why you should opt for eco-friendly rakhis:

5 differences between eco-friendly rakhis and non biodegradable rakhis

The above comparison highlights how you can do your bit for nature through something as tiny yet immensely significant as an eco-friendly rakhi.

So, go ahead and get this Raksha Bandhan eco-friendly and plantable rakhis.