Indian brands that plant trees and make Earth greener

Sustainability is not a luxury but a necessity in the absence of which our future is nothing but bleak.

We were glad to learn that shoppers are increasingly changing their buying preferences and preferring sustainable and eco-friendly brands over those that do nothing significant for our environment.

A report by Capgemini Research Institute is an eye-opener and shows consumer’s changing preferences:

  • A staggering 42% of consumers have changed their purchase decision based on social, economic, and environmental impact, while another 37% may change their decisions in times to come.

  • In India, 66% of consumers have switched to lesser-known brands as they perceive them as more sustainable.

Increasingly brands are improving their effort to become more eco-friendly. Here are 5 Indian eco-friendly brands doing their bit for our environment and making our planet greener.

1. Clan Earth

Intending to plant 1 million trees by 2030, Clan Earth is an excellent example of a business that cares for nature. They train and hire unemployed people and make various types of carrying cases and lifestyle products using sustainable and natural materials.

  • They have already planted 10,000+ saplings.

  • They have partnered with reputed reforestation organizations to carry out plantation drives.

  • They do not encourage monocultures and give preference to various native species.

  • They also monitor and nurture the saplings once planted.


Driven by the purpose of empowering women and artisans, JULAHAS is an excellent example for fashion brands. Globally fashion industries are known to be one of the largest polluters, but this eco-friendly brand is changing that through sustainable sourcing and using natural materials in their products.

Further, to reduce their carbon footprint and make Earth greener, they partnered with Grow-Trees and plant a tree for every purchase.

3. Mamaearth

Founded in 2016, Mamaearth, in a short duration, has become a hit with millions of shoppers for its quality and eco-friendly initiatives.

Mamaearth’s co-founder Mrs Ghazal Alagh was one of the sharks in Shark Tank India Season 1.

In addition to making toxin-free products, the good folks at Mamaearth are also making planet Earth a bit greener by planting trees every time you buy from their website.

  • Shoppers who buy from their website are informed via email about the tree planted on their behalf.

  • Details include:

    • Geolocation of the plant

    • Image of the plant, and

    • Species of the plant

Now, this is an excellent example of building a multi-billion dollar business, all the while keeping our environment into consideration.

4. Wakeup

Makers of sleep products and furniture, this brand is among the few in its category that understands environmental concerns and proactively aims to solve them.

They plant a tree on furniture purchase. For the premium mattress purchase, the brand plants a tree and issues a certificate for your plant. Additionally, you can view the following:

  • Geolocation of the plant

  • Image of the plant, and

  • Species of the plant

5. WOW Skin Science

Doing an activity is gaining experience.

And gaining experience is priceless!

WOW Skin Science’s green initiative called WOW Green Hands allows its shoppers to make Earth greener in their gardens. You get a free seed pouch whenever a purchase is made on the website!

Additionally, they also guide you on how to bring those seeds to life. An innovative approach, we must say. You will have fun doing it, and your kids can learn a few valuable things about planting—overall, a great do-it-yourself activity for your family.

Why choose eco-friendly brands?

Science is making significant progress, and maybe human settlement on the Moon and Mars may be possible after a few hundred years. But till then, Earth is the only planet we have.

Our planet’s environmental health is deteriorating fast, and there are several reasons, one of the important ones being industrial pollution. Most businesses currently care only about profits, even at the cost of Earth.

But there are few who believe in doing good, who believe that business and eco-friendliness can go hand in hand. And those few good brands are taking proactive steps and walking the extra mile to make your and our planet greener.

So, as a shopper, it’s our collective responsibility to prefer eco-friendly brands as much as possible and be vocal about them in our community.

Eco-friendly brands are a ray of hope, and their ethical and sustainable business practices make our world a better place in the true sense.