Eco friendly gifting ideas for fathers day

Father's Day is a special occasion to express our love and appreciation for the fathers or father figures in our lives. This year, why not make it even more meaningful by choosing eco-friendly gifts that bring a smile to your father's face and positively impact the environment?

To help you, we have curated a list of 5 sustainable and useful gift ideas for Father's Day that will make your father feel cherished and loved.

5. Copper Oreo Bottle

Brand - The Indus Valley

Eco friendly Gifts Idea 5 - Copper Oreo Bottle by The Indus Valley

Image credits: The Indus Valley

Elegant, metallic, and useful on a daily basis, the Copper Oreo Bottle from The Indus Valley is a unique gift option for Father's Day. Made with copper, a metal known for its health benefits, this bottle looks classy and promotes hydration.

Plus, when the time comes, it can be easily recycled, making it a great eco-friendly gift.

4. Bamboo Mobile Holder | Charging Dock

Brand - The Bamboo Bae

Eco friendly Gifts Idea 4 - Bamboo Mobile Holder | Charging Dock by The Bamboo Bae

Image credits: The Bamboo Bae

Products made from bamboo are rising. And why not? Bamboo is a renewable material that's versatile, strong, can last long, and at the end of its usage cycle, it can decompose easily.

Here's a unique bamboo product that gives your father's smartphone the space it deserves. It's light on the pocket and even lighter on the environment.

3. Oryx Canvas Dopp / Toiletry / Travel / Artist Kit Bag

Brand - Clan Earth

Eco friendly Gifts Idea 3 - Oryx Canvas Dopp / Toiletry / Travel / Artist Kit Bag by Clan Earth

Image credits: Clan Earth

This travel kit is a perfect eco-friendly gift for fathers who are always on the go. Made with environmentally sustainable and water-resistant canvas fabric, this travel kit is designed to keep things organized and easily accessible.

With multiple internal pockets and a commitment by the brand Clan Earth to plant trees and make our planet greener, this travel kit is practical and eco-conscious.

2. Safar Cork Travel Wallets

Brand - Beej

Eco friendly Gifts Idea 2 - Safar Cork Travel Wallets by Beej

Image credits: Beej

Another great eco-friendly gifting idea for fathers who are constantly on the move, the Safar Cork Travel Wallets from Beej are a stylish and sustainable choice.

Made with FSC-certified cork, this travel wallet is designed to hold all important documents like a passport, Aadhaar card, driving license, and boarding pass in one place. With features like a loop for holding a pen and a secure magnetic loop closure, this travel wallet is both functional and eco-friendly.

1. Gift Box - Tree of Life, Recycled Paper

Brand - Anand Prakash

Eco friendly Gifts Idea 1 - Gift Box - Tree of Life, Recycled Paper by Anand Prakash

Image credits: Anand Prakash

This gift box by Anand Prakash is a perfect eco-friendly gift for fathers who love to write. It's a complete package, and its contents are made with materials like recycled paper, metal, and vintage newspapers.

The beautiful print and off-white colour make it look elegant. And don't limit it to just dads; it can be a wonderful present for anyone who loves to write, including your mother, siblings, friends, or even yourself!


In conclusion, these 5 eco-friendly gift ideas for Father's Day are unique and useful and sustainable choices that will make your father feel appreciated while positively impacting the environment.

So go ahead and order one or more of these gifts in advance to be ready with your presents on the big day. And if you want to add some delicious and healthy snacks to your gift box, check out our article on 5 brands that sell healthy snacks online.