Information about the brand Ugaoo

Brand Name

  • Ugaoo


  • 2015


  • Siddhant Bhalinge


  • Pune, India


Ugaoo is an omnichannel plant nursery brand that caters to your end-to-end gardening needs. It sells a wide range of plants, seeds, pots & planters, and gardening tools via its website, and it also has an offline presence in select cities.

It has its own polyhouses and greenhouses where plants are nurtured, and once ordered, they are shipped in sturdy and recyclable packaging.

Ugaoo plant nursery
Image credits: Ugaoo

In addition to their online store, Ugaoo also offers various gardening services, such as garden maintenance and setting up and maintaining vertical gardens, making it easy for customers to get professional help with their gardening.

The company is solving a major problem, especially in urban India, where locating a nursery may be challenging. If present, they may not have the plants, seeds, pots, or gardening tools you desire. By bringing plant nursery online, it is encouraging more people to become plant parents and doing its bit to fight climate change.

Good Initiatives by Ugaoo

📱 Video consultation - It's a unique concept wherein you can consult a plant expert and get answers to your plant and gardening-related queries.

👩‍💻 Another good thing about Ugaoo is its informative blog section, which provides expert advice on everything from gardening tips and tricks to plant care and maintenance.

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Ugaoo product 1 - Money plant golden
Image credits: Ugaoo

Money plant golden

Ugaoo product 2 - Ugaoo Krish self watering planter​
Image credits: Ugaoo

Ugaoo Krish self watering planter

Ugaoo product 3 - Ugaoo pressure spray pump​
Image credits: Ugaoo

Ugaoo pressure spray pump