Organic India Jaggery Powder Review

Jaggery is a sweetener and is commonly called ‘gur’ ‘गुड़’ in India. It is made after extracting juice from sugarcane, then heating it until it loses moisture and later letting it cool and solidify.

Unlike white sugar, jaggery doesn’t undergo multiple stages of filtration; hence it retains most essential nutrients like phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and iron. Due to these, it is also considered a healthier alternative to white sugar.

Mainly, sugarcane is used to make jaggery; however, one can also find jaggery made from coconut sap and date palm. Readily available online and offline, jaggery is sold in various forms, large blocks, small cubes, and powder form.

In this article, we will review jaggery powder by the brand Organic India.

Product Packaging

Organic India Jaggery Powder Review - Product Image 1
Outer box which contained the Organic India jaggery powder
Organic India Jaggery Powder Review - Product Image 2
Front & rear images of the product

We ordered this jaggery powder online, and the images above depict the packaging. The package was received in an untampered condition at the time of delivery.

After unpacking the outer cardboard cover, the Organic India jaggery powder’s actual packaging was also good and not tampered with. It comes in a zip lock packet, making storage easy.

Overall, we felt the packaging was appropriate. Ziplock is a great advantage; one need not worry about finding a spare container.

Product Packaging Rating - 5 / 5

The outermost covering used by Organic India was cardboard which is good as it is easier to recycle and more eco-friendly.

Product Quality

Organic India Jaggery Powder Review - Product Image 3

The jaggery powder on a plate

The moment we opened the packet, we were greeted with a fresh and sweet smell of jaggery. It instantly brought a smile to our faces and increased our temptation.

We poured Organic India jaggery powder on a plate; as you can see, the consistency is not completely powdery. However, most of the package content was fine; only a tiny portion was granules. This, however, does not affect the quality of the jaggery.

Jaggery has a tendency to stick to each other and form granules.

Additionally, we did not find any traces of impurity in the jaggery powder.

Product Quality Rating - 5 / 5

Product Taste

Organic India Jaggery Powder Review - Product Image 4
Jaggery powder on a plate with the product's packet in background

Perfectly sweet, neither too much nor too little. The taste is well balanced. This jaggery powder will go well with your beverages and dessert.

Product Taste Rating - 5 / 5

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Organic India Jaggery Powder

Overall Product Rating - 5 / 5

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Other details:

  • Product bought from - CRED
  • Net weight - 500g

About Organic India

Organic India is a certified organic brand in India and was founded in 1997. It is certified by Jaivik Bharat, India Organic, USDA Organic, and several other reputed certifications. The brand works with thousands of small farmers across India and gives them the know-how to produce organic crops.


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