Information about the brand Hoovu

Brand Name

  • Hoovu


  • 2019


  • Yeshoda Karuturi
  • Rhea Karuturi


  • Bengaluru, India


Hoovu started its journey with fresh flowers, but this brand aims to revolutionize the unorganized puja flower market. With a visionary approach, Hoovu has set up a unique supply chain and leverages cutting-edge technology to increase the shelf life of flowers.

Plus, they've made buying flowers for puja (an act of worshipping) a breeze by partnering with quick commerce platforms and e-commerce marketplaces.

Good Initiatives by Hoovu

🌹 Saving Flowers, Saving the Earth - Hoovu's packaging is a game-changer. Their innovative technology extends the shelf life of flowers by up to 5 times!

Less waste means more efficient use of agricultural land and a better planet for all of us.

♻️ Giving Flowers a New Lease on Life - Hoovu believes in the beauty of upcycling. Even after the flowers are used for worship, they find a new purpose.

The brand upcycles temple flowers to create agarbattis (incense sticks). It's a beautiful reminder that there's always life beyond the shelf life. Hoovu is redefining how we view flowers and sustainability with its innovative initiatives.

Editor’s Pick

Hoovu product 1 - Sandalwood Agarbathi
Image credits: Hoovu

Sandalwood Agarbathi

Hoovu product 2 - Jasmine Agarbathi
Image credits: Hoovu

Jasmine Agarbathi

Hoovu product 3 - Rose Agarbathi
Image credits: Hoovu

Rose Agarbathi