Guest posting guideline on Matter5

We are grateful for your decision to contribute to Matter5, a platform that promotes eco-friendly and clean-label practices.

As a platform that strives to educate and inform our audience, we often receive guest post submissions from industry experts and thought leaders like yourself.

To streamline the submission process, we have put together the following guidelines to assist you in crafting a compelling and relevant article.

Content Theme & Topic

Matter5, at present, primarily publishes content under 4 categories.

  1. In-depth Articles
  2. 5 Products That Matter
  3. Product Reviews
  4. Brand Knowledge

At this time, we are exclusively accepting guest post submissions for our 'In-depth Articles' category, which focuses on educating our audience on topics related to eco-friendly and clean-label practices.

As a platform that prioritises thought leadership and industry expertise, guest posting on Matter5 is best suited for professionals in the D2C industry with a background or experience in eco-friendly and clean-label topics.


We at Matter5 are pleased to offer the opportunity for guest writing or guest posting. Please note that this opportunity does not come with any financial compensation. However, we are happy to include the author's name in the article's byline to recognise their contributions.

Guest Post Steps

Step 1: To begin the guest post submission process, please get in touch with us via email at to determine the topic and content structure.

It is advisable not to commence writing the article until this step has been completed.

Step 2: Upon agreement on the topic and content structure, kindly provide us with an estimated timeline for the first draft submission.

Step 3: Please submit the first draft in Google Docs format with edit permissions enabled. We kindly request that you retain a copy of the draft, as it may be edited by our team

In addition, please provide a brief biographical description of yourself (no more than 250 characters), a high-resolution headshot image, and a link to either your website/blog or LinkedIn profile (only one link will be included in the author bio).

Step 4: Upon completing the editing process, we will notify you of the content's publication date.

Guest Post Guidelines

  1. Prioritise Writing for Humans: At Matter5, we prioritise writing for human readers rather than just attracting search engine bots. Please aim to write in a way that is engaging and easily understood by human audiences.
  2. Use a Conversational Tone: We encourage using a conversational tone in your writing as if speaking directly to a friend or colleague. Additionally, incorporating real-world examples supported by reliable data can help to make your content more engaging and informative.
  3. Original Content: All guest post submissions must be 100% original and must not have been previously published elsewhere. Additionally, the content cannot be republished on any other platform after being published on
  4. In-depth and Authoritative: Your content should be between 1200-2000 words and should be backed by references from reputable sources such as government websites, universities, and prominent organisations such as the United Nations, Center for Science and Environment, European Environment Agency, etc.
  5. Well-Structured and Easy to Read: We recommend that your content be well-structured and broken down into smaller, easily digestible paragraphs. This makes it easier for readers to scan and understand the content quickly.
  6. Support Claims with Reliable Data: When making claims or assertions, please ensure that credible research or studies from government bodies or educational institutions support them.
  7. Avoid Marketing and Affiliate Links: Please refrain from marketing your company, product, or industry or promoting any affiliate links. The guest post should only aim to educate our users from an informational perspective.
  8. Final Approval: Matter5 reserves the right to accept or reject any guest post submissions. Our acceptance rate is low, and we limit the number of guest posts published each month to a maximum of 4. Posts that meet our criteria for originality, length, structure, grammar, credibility, and educational value are the ones usually accepted.

Edits Post Publishing

At Matter5, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality content to our readers. As such, we may periodically review and make necessary edits to guest posts even after they have been published. These changes may be made to ensure information accuracy or enhance the content's overall quality. Rest assured, any such edits will be performed with the utmost care.

Guest Post Promotion

Once the article is live on Matter5, please feel free to promote it on your social media, email newsletter, app, or website.

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