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There are just 2 types of marketing nowadays:

  • Digital
  • And everything else (this includes print, TV, billboards, etc.)

Among these two, digital marketing is emerging rapidly and becoming the preferred marketing channel for most industries.

In 2020 companies spent more on digital marketing compared to print. Only TV ads cornered more spending than digital.

This paints a very rosy picture for existing and aspiring digital marketers because digital is the future whose time has come.

Now, coming to the question you eagerly want to know about.

Which are the 5 websites from where you can learn digital marketing courses for free?

Here are 5 websites where you can learn several digital marketing courses for free:

1. HubSpot

It will be apt to say that HubSpot Academy is one of the finest websites on the internet to learn digital marketing courses for free.

After all, they let you choose from 40+ courses, with subjects ranging from YouTube marketing to WordPress training and even more!

Their exhaustive list of courses ensures there is something for all types of learners. Here is an example of a few courses available at HubSpot:

  • Digital Marketing Course: Get Certified in Digital Marketing
  • YouTube Course: Learn How to Grow Your YouTube Channel
  • Digital Advertising 101: How to Develop a Winning Online Advertising Strategy
  • Facebook Marketing Course: How to Develop Effective Organic and Paid Strategies
  • Ecommerce Marketing Training Course: Learn How to Use Ecommerce to Attract, Convert, and Delight More Customers
The HubSpot fact corner:

The company employs over 3,000 people globally and in 2020 generated a revenue of over ₹6,500 crores!​

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2. Google

free digital marketing courses by Google
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It’s the dream of digital marketers to rank well on Google. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to find Google offering digital marketing courses for free.

Google’s courses cover a wide range of digital marketing niches, right from taking your business online to getting discovered and ultimately growing.

You can also get a certificate upon completion, which will help you stand out from other digital marketers.

Here are a few courses that you can check out:

  • Fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Expand a business to other countries
  • Connect with customers over mobile
  • Promote a business with content
The Google fact corner:

Google’s first office was not a fancy high-rise but a rented garage!

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3. Udemy

With over 1.8 lakh listed courses, Udemy is one of the largest providers of online courses. You can literally find courses from any field, and yes, free digital marketing courses as well.

  • Digital Marketing 101: Complete Digital Marketing Course
  • Marketing for Entrepreneurs in 2021: Learn Digital Marketing
  • Free Digital Marketing Basics Course

Another awesome thing about Udemy is they have digital marketing courses in 10+ languages! Now, that’s truly democratizing learning. 

The Udemy fact corner:

Globally, over 44 million students use Udemy!

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4. Simplilearn

One of the key benefits of learning digital marketing at Simplilearn is that they have courses in demand by industries. Additionally, with almost all their free digital marketing courses, you may earn a completion certificate too!

Post enrolling, it enables you to learn at your own pace, and you get up to 90 days of access to courses. Some of the amazing free digital courses at Simplilearn are:

  • Digital Marketing 101
  • Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing
  • Introduction to Paid Media Marketing

You can explore more of their free online courses here.

The Simplilearn fact corner:

Simplilearn is used by students from over 150 countries!​​​

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5. Great Learning

One of the many ed-tech acquisitions by Byju’s. Great Learning, founded in 2013, is a comprehensive learning platform.

In addition to providing several digital marketing courses for free, they also have courses from other emerging fields, including Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security.

Coming to digital marketing courses, some you can consider are:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • How to start Blogging?
  • Email Marketing

Another good thing about Great Learning is they also provide career support which is helpful for job seekers.

The Great Learning fact corner:

Over 1200 companies have participated in recruitment drives by Great Learning!​

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The summary that matters:

Digital marketing is the present and the future. With screen time increasing, brands are always looking for candidates who can help them gain visibility digitally.

You need not spend lakhs to learn basic digital marketing. Most of the digital marketing knowledge is available for free online. Yes, you will need to work hard to learn and practice continuously to master various aspects of digital marketing.

Choose from one of the following 5 websites and learn digital marketing for free:

  1. HubSpot
  2. Google
  3. Udemy
  4. Simplilearn
  5. Great Learning

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