Information about the brand Daily Dump

Brand Name

  • Daily Dump


  • 2006


  • Poonam Bir Kasturi


  • Bengaluru, India


Daily Dump is a design-led company that specialises in creating products for composting waste, gardening tools, and educational and information materials. Its flagship is composting products that are known for design, aesthetics, and daily usability. Individual homes, communities, and commercial establishments widely use these.

Over half of all household waste is wet waste, and one of Daily Dump's core objectives is to unburden our landfills and encourage people to start recycling this wet waste. The compost obtained after the recycling process can be added to your garden. These enrich soil's nutrient properties and aid in plant growth.

Good Initiatives by Daily Dump

👩‍🏫 Empathy through education - Besides making excellent products, Daily Dump raises awareness through its website and social channels. It has released books and posters that creatively spread the message of waste segregation, composting, and ultimately caring for the planet.

📈 Reviving the dying art - Pottery as an art and a profession is declining. Daily Dump has given a ray of hope to potters. It has helped potters preserve their craft and earn a dignified income. It has also provided training to 20 potter clusters in India and one each in Chile and UK to make composting related products.

🌱 WOW from the waste - Who would have thought the wonders you could do by handling wet waste rightly? Daily Dump, through its innovative composting product, has enabled thousands of consumers to generate WOW from the waste and do their bit to fight climate change:

  • Its product has helped generate 431+ tonnes of compost that enrich our soil.
  • Daily Dump's products have helped prevent 22,000+ tonnes of CO2 from releasing into the atmosphere by decentralising wet waste composting.

Editor’s Pick

Daily Dump product 1 - Chomp Compost Kit - Easy row compost bins for homes
Image credits: Daily Dump

Chomp Compost Kit - Easy row compost bins for homes

Daily Dump product 2 - OWC Aaga 550 Compost Kit| Speedy smell-free Bulk Organic Waste Converter
Image credits: Daily Dump

OWC Aaga 550 Compost Kit | Speedy smell-free Bulk Organic Waste Converter

Daily Dump product 3 - Green Spot Kit for your home
Image credits: Daily Dump

Green Spot Kit for your home