Information about the brand Bamboo India

Brand Name

  • Bamboo India


  • 2016


  • Ashwini Shinde
  • Yogesh Shinde


  • Pune, India


Bamboo India is a lifestyle products company that uses bamboo as key raw material. It makes products like toothbrushes, desk organisers, earbuds, combs, pens, and several other daily use products, all using bamboo.

The brand aims to reduce global plastic consumption and, wherever applicable, use sustainably grown bamboo to replace harmful plastics. It is amongst the leading company in its segment and has earned appreciation from United Nations (UN) for its role in improving the environment.

Good Initiatives by Bamboo India

🎋 Bamboo for betterment - It has partnered with 5100+ farmers across India, enabling them to earn an income by selling bamboo.

📉 One less plastic - We all say let's save the earth and stop using plastic. But very few actually provide a solution. Bamboo India is one such company. Its bamboo products have provided an alternative to everyone looking to switch from plastics to something sustainable.

Editor’s Pick

Bamboo India Product 1 - Bamboo Speaker Amplifier - Classic (Sound Amplifier)
Image credits: Bamboo India

Bamboo Speaker Amplifier - Classic (Sound Amplifier)

Bamboo India Product 2 - Bamboo Mobile & Desk Organiser
Image credits: Bamboo India

Bamboo Mobile & Desk Organiser

Bamboo India product 3 - Bamboo Pen Classic
Image credits: Bamboo India

Bamboo Pen Classic