Information about the brand Amrutam

Brand Name

  • Amrutam


  • 2017


  • Agnim Gupta
  • Ashok Gupta
  • Stuti Gupta


  • Gwalior, India


Amrutam is a personal care brand deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. With a mission to address the root cause of skin problems, their formulations are inspired by age-old knowledge and crafted with natural ingredients, avoiding all toxic chemicals.

As a clean and conscious skincare brand, Amrutam has also launched several impactful initiatives, such as 'Rediscovering Ayurveda', 'Amrutam Nari', and 'Amrutam Raga', to promote holistic wellness.

Good Initiatives by Amrutam

Ethical Sourcing and Certified Products - Amrutam uses ethically sourced herbs and spices to create their Ayurvedic products. Moreover, their product range is certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, ensuring the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

🏞️ A Little Paradise of its Own - Amrutam goes the extra mile to ensure the quality of its ingredients. In addition to sourcing high-quality ingredients from farms nationwide, they also have their own in-house farm, lovingly called 'Amrutam Vatika'.

Here, they grow several key ingredients used in their products, creating a little paradise of sustainability and quality control.

♻️ Reducing Waste, Saving the Planet - They have taken a proactive approach to sustainability by reusing over 5000 PET bottles, which would have otherwise ended up in landfills, contributing to pollution. This eco-friendly initiative showcases their dedication to reducing waste and positively impacting the environment.

🏥 Giving Back to the Community - As part of their noble initiative, they donate a portion of their sales receipts to the Balaji Institute of Surgery, Research, and Rehabilitation for the Disabled (BIRRD).

This trust provides necessary treatments to patients from all sections of society, especially the underprivileged. With a solid commitment to social responsibility, Amrutam is making a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

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Amrutam product 1 - Amrutam Kuntal Care Hair Spa | Do-It-Yourself Hair Treatment
Image credits: Amrutam

Amrutam Kuntal Care Hair Spa | Do-It-Yourself Hair Treatment

Amrutam product 2 - Amrutam Charcoal Face Mask
Image credits: Amrutam

Amrutam Charcoal Face Mask

Amrutam product 3 - Amrutam Herbal Ubtan | Do-It-Yourself Skin Treatment
Image credits: Amrutam

Amrutam Herbal Ubtan | Do-It-Yourself Skin Treatment