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  • Adani Electricity supplied 1,200 MW of power from renewable sources, covering over 40% of Mumbai's energy needs on Diwali day.
  • The achievement marks a historic milestone, demonstrating the viability of renewables in powering a major city.
  • Adani Electricity plans to increase its renewable energy contribution to 60% by 2027, emphasising a commitment to sustainable practices.


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On Diwali day, Adani Electricity achieved a historic feat by illuminating Mumbai using only renewable energy for four hours straight. During this period, they supplied 1,200 MW of power from solar and wind sources, which met over 40% of the city's energy demands from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Adani Electricity announced, "#AdaniElectricity's historic Diwali: 100% renewable power illuminated 12 million lives in Mumbai, making it one of the world's first megacities powered solely by clean energy from 10 AM to 2 PM. Kudos to #Mumbai for celebrating a #GreenDiwali #HarRozDiwali #GreenTariff"

This initiative by Adani Electricity is a beacon of hope for clean energy practices in Mumbai, which is grappling with pollution concerns and striving to enhance air quality. The demand for power on Diwali exceeded 2,500 MW, reaching 2,776 MW in the evening. A significant proportion of the power supplied to the city comes from neighbouring regions, and recent directives to reduce emissions from power plants highlight the city's commitment to addressing environmental challenges.

Kandarp Patel, MD & CEO of Adani Electricity, expressed his pride in the meticulous planning behind this renewable energy endeavour. "Achieving 100% renewable energy is a first and a significant milestone in Mumbai's energy transition, demonstrating that renewables can significantly power Mumbai city with reliable and sustainable electricity at competitive tariffs," he said.

Adani Electricity has disclosed that 38% of the power supplied to consumers in 2023 was sourced from renewable channels, and they aim to grow this contribution to 60% by 2027. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in Mumbai's energy landscape, showcasing the tangible impact of sustainable practices in powering one of India's most vibrant metropolises.


Date & time of posting: 14 November 2023, 07:50 PM IST

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