Amit Shah launches Bharat Organics
Credit: Press Information Bureau, Government of India

Important Takeaways

  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently launched 'Bharat Organics' as part of the National Cooperative Organics Ltd's (NCOL) initiative to promote organic farming in India.
  • Shah highlighted the health risks associated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, emphasising the need for a shift towards organic farming for the well-being of both consumers and the environment.
  • The launch of 'Bharat Organics' aims to address challenges in the organic market by providing a platform for farmers to certify and market their organic products, ensuring authenticity for consumers. This initiative will help farmers expand their reach and create better opportunities to sell their


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India's Cooperation Minister, Amit Shah, recently inaugurated the 'Bharat Organics' brand, which marks a significant step in the organic farming revolution under the National Cooperative Organics Ltd (NCOL). During his speech at the National Symposium on the 'Promotion of Organic Products through Cooperatives,' Shah emphasised the need to combat the adverse effects of chemical fertilizers. He drew attention to the concerning link between their overuse and health issues.

Shah advocated for a transition to organic farming, citing successful models that debunk the myth of reduced productivity. He commended the efforts of farmers who have embraced organic agriculture over the past five to six years and registered their lands as organic after enduring initial challenges.

Shah identified key issues in the organic market, emphasising the need for more certification. The solution lies in the newly established National Cooperative Organics Ltd, approved by the Union Cabinet on January 11, 2023. This organisation provides a crucial platform for farmers producing organic goods, enabling them to market their products effectively.

The official launch of 'Bharat Organics' marks a milestone in India's ambitious goal to convert over half of its farming to organic or natural methods. Shah expressed confidence in Bharat Organics becoming a global leader. Six initial products, including tur dal, chana dal, sugar, rajma, basmati rice, and Sonamasoori rice, will be available through Mother Dairy's Safal outlets and online platforms.

Additionally, the initiative includes the launch of organic fertilizer, aligned with Prime Minister Modi's vision for Varanasi. Shah stressed the commercial potential of cow dung and inaugurated a biogas plant in Varanasi with a capacity of 4,000 cubic meters.

In conclusion, Shah urged farmers to join the National Cooperative Organics Ltd, ensuring that profits from organic products directly benefit farmers' bank accounts. He announced plans to launch 20 products by December 2023, solidifying India's position in the global organic market.


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